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Restoring Annan’s Waters
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RAW is an ambitious catchment scale programme that aims to restore habitats and natural processes to the River Annan and investigate the benefits they can bring to both people and wildlife. This will include a number of programmes:

  • Habitat restoration and creation
  • Natural Flood Management
  • Restoring natural river functions
  • Barrier removal/easement
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Community engagement and education

Eels –
In the Classroom

The River Annan Trust is delighted to announce the launch of its Eels in the Classroom Project as part of the two year Restoring Annan’s Water Community Engagement Program.

The River Annan – Natural Restoration

​In 2015 the River Annan Trust commissioned a National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey of a section of the Annan Water. This part of the Annan Water has been largely untouched for at least 50 years and provides a good demonstration of nature’s ability to bounce back if given a chance.

Natural Flood Management

Consensus is building towards an integrated catchment scale approach to flood management that includes working with the natural processes of a river to manage flood risk and bring landscape scale benefits.

Barrier Removal or Easement 

A number of man-made obstacles to fish movement exist within the River Annan. These structures can be anything from large weirs on the main river to small culverts on the tributaries.

Engagement & Education

The success of RAW relies on engagement with landowners and local communities to participate in restoration projects. Educational activities and citizen science projects are important to raise understanding of the RAW objectives

Habitat Restoration & Creation

Over the centuries people have changed and manipulated parts of the river for agricultural production and land drainage. This has resulted in the loss of woodland and wetland habitats from the River Annan.