Engagement & Education

Stakeholder Engagement

Any initiative to deliver landscape scale restoration projects requires the active involvement of stakeholders and land managers/owners for it to be successful. The RAW project seeks to explore the levels of engagement and interest in the programme of works through awareness raising and surveys of stakeholders throughout the River Annan Catchment. 

The extent and focus of engagement will be dependent on the nature and scale of the project. For example, where RAW activities are proposed close to urban areas then the local community will need to be engaged. Small scale projects away from settlements may only require engagement with a single landowner.    


Education, engagement and awareness raising are an important aspect of developing understanding of the RAW objectives. The River Annan Trust has already undertaken a number of educational projects and RAW will build on these to deliver and participate in educational events around the catchment.

RAW hoped to encourage local communities and schools to take an interest in the River Annan Catchment learning about issues that impact upon both wildlife and people. RAW intends to educate local people and get them involved in citizen science to record data on river processes, aquatic wildlife and habitats, flooding and barriers around the catchment.