Minutes of the RAW Meeting helD 24th May 2021

Minutes of the RAW Committee held via Zoom on Friday 24th April 2021

Present;               Peter Dreghorn, Andy Stott, Jackie Galley, Norma Fears, Andy Tunnicliffe, Anna Griffin (Guest)

Apologies:           Nick Chisholm, Gareth Pedley, Steven Gillespie

  1. Welcome
    Peter welcomed Andy Tunnicliffe as a new attendee and treasurer and Anna Griffin from SEPA, the guest speaker.

  2. Minutes of Last Meeting
    Andy had circulated them and there were no amendments or anything missing. The meeting accepted them. Andy would change the status from Draft and upload to the RAW website and add the link.Action: Andy

  3. Actions arising from the minutes.

    2) Constitution, held over

    3) Post of treasurer, Peter was pleased to announce that a friend and neighbour Andy Tunnicliffe has agreed to be treasurer.
    4) Business plan – held over to the next meeting

    5) Donate Button – Outstanding, Andy S and Andy T need to discuss

    6) Peter has ascertained that the RAT still have the sampling kits and that their bailiff who he needs to contact, could possibly act as a trainer.

    7) All other actions are completed.

  4. News
    Peter explained that the application for a bank account had been a bit of a disaster initially but that he, AndyT and AndyS were now applying for a Treasurer’s account at the Bank of Scotland.

  5. Funding
    Peter mentioned that he had heard that Galloway Glen Partnership had small grants available to individuals or voluntary organisations for the planting of trees. He had downloaded the details and forms. He thought we need to act quickly. To this end Norma and AndyS were tasked with going to speak to Matthew White at Craigieburn farm. Peter would email Matthew’s details and the forms to them.
    Action: Peter to send details
    Action: AndyS and Norma to arrange visit and possibly submit a request.

  6. Presentation by Anna Griffin of SEPA on the Borderland Initiative

A recording of Anna’s presentation can be found at https://youtu.be/EwTEfSm0HKI

Actions arising are as follows;

  1. Jackie to provide details of contact at Scottish Wildlife Trust to Peter

  2. Anna to get in contact with Mark Fulton who is a consultant working for D&G council om the Chapel Cross business case.

  3. Jackie to act as the link to the Borlanderlands programme and link us into Chapel Cross developments.

  4. Funding
    Peter asked for volunteers to look after Crowdfunding and funding from grants.
    Action: All

  5. Next Meeting
    Peter suggested possibly a face-to-face meeting next time with our summer programme to feature on the agenda. It is hoped that this might be a better time for some of the non-attendees.
    Andy offered to send out a Doodle poll to get the best date around the end of May.
    Action: Andy

Andy Stott

2 May 2021